Who We Are Overview

Great North is a full service management firm.  We give you attention from the senior management of the company, unsurpassed service, and knowledge of the marketplace.  We handle all of your financial, administrative, contractual and legal matters. 

Great North is the most trusted management firm in New England.  Our portfolio is comprised of nearly over 350 associations and cooperatives.  Great North is financially stable and has no debt.  Our corporate headquarters is located in Exeter, New Hampshire.  We also have offices in Nashua, Bretton Woods, Lincoln and Lebanon, New Hampshire as well as an office in Peabody and Boston, Massachusetts.  

As one of the largest management firms in New England, Great North is able to negotiate better pricing for our clients given our overall buying power in the market and the amount of business that we award annually.  Great North is a one-stop portal for handling all of your administrative and management needs.

In over 30 years of business, we have coordinated a large number of cost savings programs for our clients.  Some examples of these programs include:

Accounting and financial management

Insurance procurement

Energy efficient light replacement programs

Audit procurement

Cleaning services

Landscape and snow removal 

Water system management

These programs have resulted in significant cost savings and improved efficiency by helping to eliminate non value added steps and processes which positively improved many non profit organizational budgets. 

We hope to work with you and look forward to delivering our expertise and capacity in these areas to you.