What We Do Maintenance Services

Great North has a well-organized maintenance group that is geared to performing emergency services and smaller repairs. We also have a reliable list of contractors to be contacted when necessary.  Great North’s maintenance organization exists to allow us to be better property managers.  We can respond immediately to emergencies and routine calls alike.  We provide complete 24-hour maintenance services.  Our staff will always be on call to serve your members.

Maintenance Dispatch
We have a Maintenance Dispatch System in place to assure that all work requests are logged, assigned and completed.  Great North understands the importance of quick response to maintenance requests. 

We provide members with Work Request Forms.  This immediately provides us with written documentation of the work requested.  This request is given a work order and is assigned to the staff.  The work order is then tracked through to completion.

24-Hour Emergency Service
If there is an emergency, the Executive Director or another staff person simply calls Great North and the live answering service will dispatch appropriate personnel.  We utilize a small answering service, which provides a tremendous service to our clients. 

All Great North personnel carry mobile phones.  If more than one person is required to respond to the emergency, then multiple people are deployed.  Your property manager is also informed of any emergency.  Your organization will always be covered.

General Maintenance Support
Great North has 25 full-time maintenance technicians available across New England to support Great North Advantage clients with any maintenance project large and small at anytime.