What We Do Financial Management

Understanding that the single most important role for a Non-profit Board of Directors is the fiduciary obligation to responsibly and effectively manage the organization’s finances, Great North Advantage provides a suite of financial services designed to deliver peace of mind. 

Great North has the finest accounting department of any management firm.  Years ago we made a commitment to establish the preeminent accounting department in the management industry.  Our accounting system includes a quality peer review process.  In fact, in over 30 years of business, we have not lost one penny of client funds. 

The following accounting services are available:

Bank Accounts

Ensure that all operating and other accounts are properly set up, maintained, and reconciled.


Enforce the collection of monthly fees and other charges.  Maintain aggressive follow-up action on all unpaid fees or assessments.


Approve time sheets distribute payroll and prepare necessary tax reports for all on- site personnel.


Prepare annual operating budget for review and approval by the Executive Director and Board of Directors.


Approve and pay all invoices on a weekly basis in accordance with the budget. Provide copies of all bills and invoices paid from the organization’s account if requested.

Financial Statements

Prepare monthly financial statements showing total monthly and year-to-date activity by line item. Compare budgeted income and expenses to actual income and expenses and suggest corrective action to the Executive Director or Board when advisable.


Assist the Organization’s outside accountant/auditor in performing the annual audit and federal income tax preparation.