What We Do Contractor Procurement and Management

After over 30 years in operation, Great North understands the value of working with the best partners and vendors in your area to get every job done right the first time.  Leveraging the purchasing power of Great North’s over 30 years in business serving over 350 associations, we are able to deliver competitive rates for premium service.

Key opportunities for accessing Great North’s network include:

We recognize the value of the annual insurance placement as the primary asset protection tool used by most organizations.  With this in mind, we review lines and limits of coverage for adequacy on behalf of our clients.  Understanding that insurance is a significant expense, Great North has leveraged the purchasing power of its associations to obtain credits on standard market pricing. 

Bid Specifications
Complete bid specifications are developed for any major contract item required for individual members.  For example, a new roof, out-door play space, landscaping, snow removal, painting, and paving all have formal specifications written.  Each prospective contractor is provided with the specs and asked to bid the specifications as written.  A comparison of contract pricing is provided to the Executive Director with our recommendations.

Contractor Vetting
As a result of our size we have had the opportunity to create a list of very competent contractors in all disciplines.  Our bid list contractors are carefully screened to ensure they have the equipment, expertise and insurance necessary to perform the work as requested.  Our financial management process allows for the weekly payment to contractors as a result, many contractors vie to be part of our bid list.