What We Do Administration

After over 30 years in operation, Great North understands what it takes to effectively manage challenging projects.  We are prepared to work with you on your most straightforward and more complex objectives.  We have the administrative resources necessary to support you in your work.

Human Resources
Great North employs two senior human resources executives.  These executives will be available to help your organization address the most complicated human resource issues.  In addition, the Great North Human Resources department will provide oversight of compliance and other regulatory matters as requested. 

Great North supports clients in legal matters.  Great North acts on behalf of every client as a complainant in legal matters.  Additionally, Great North draws on the expertise of New Hampshire’s most reputable labor, employment and human resources law firms when legal expertise is required.

File Management
Great North Advantage has the ability to store client files and all computerized data on a central computer “or server”.  A complete backup of the server is performed nightly both on and off site.  This is done automatically and does not require any involvement from our staff.  Paper records are stored in the offices of Great North Property Management